Your needs are too great not to share with the world. In our modern and fast-paced world, you need a web presence that not only tells who you are and what you do but also shows it. I design websites for companies, churches, organizations and individual small businesses. Whatever your needs are, I can build you a beautiful and inexpensive website just like my own beautiful Red Barn site. Whether you want a classic and simple look or an out of the box style, I think we can create a design together that will make a statement worthy of your good name. Look at some of the sites I have designed and contributed to, and let's get started on yours today.


Your new website is designed to be flexible and easy to manage. I will train you or your web point person how to update content such as calendars, special events and other simple elements so you can make changes, if you prefer, at a moment's notice. The web editor is drop and drag and easy to manipulate. Of course, I will be available to make updates for you regarding any design changes. Training videos and tutorials are available as well. The old days of having to wait on a professional to make even simple daily changes and updates on your website are gone. You are in control of your content. No code or experience is necessary. I am here to help make sure the look of your site remains consistent and attractive.

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