My name is Tim Melikian and I am so glad you found Red Barn. Graphic design and visual presentation is a passion that came to me in an unexpected way. I was influenced as a college pastor at the University of Oklahoma by some of my very gifted student friends in web and graphic design. I have always been a very visual person. I believe that we are as much or more impacted by what we see than what we just hear.


Most of my work has been done gratis for the churches I have worked for because I love our message and I want it to not only sound life-changing but I want it to look life-changing. I began to design work for friends and local companies in Albuquerque, NM and our current hometown Columbia, TN starting in 2008.


I developed my dream to start Red Barn Graphic and Web Design in late 2015. After being urged by friends to use my love for design to help others share their message and strive for a higher quality, I decided to take the leap. Be assured that what is important to you is important to me.


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